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BRAVO Pit is a complete table game management and player tracking system.

The system is designed to improve player ratings and pit management by utilizing the latest technology to enhance rating accuracy and evaluate operational efficiency. BRAVO Pit extends beyond standard electronic rating systems by capturing hand count and propositional bet data with our patented Chip & Card Detection (CCD) System.

Accurate hand count and side bet capture and analysis allows a casino to better evaluate a player’s true value, dealer efficiency and side bet assessment.


Our line of gaming tables, layouts and furniture are custom-designed and manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada by professional craftsmen who understand the specific needs of each casino customer.




poker solutions

BRAVO Poker offers a complete poker room management solution. The system satisfies all aspects of operations, marketing and payments, in order to deliver accurate monitoring, tracking and managing of the entire poker room.

The core modules available via BRAVO Poker include:

Poker Watch
Tournament Watch
Bravo Poker Live

Online Waiting List
Online Registration
BPL Prepaid Card


Our 100% plastic poker cards, range of chips and custom plaques are the finest available. Harnessing the latest technology, design materials and UV inks and coatings, our products offer maximum durability and performance.




BRAVO Cage is the world's first fully integrated cage management and inventory tracking system.

The system is Microsoft based and works with SQL databases 2008 - 2014. The cutting edge and intuitive user interface makes navigation simple and efficient for the end user, allowing all elements to be managed under one complete system.

Bravo Cage is also 100% PAPERLESS, providing seamless integration and flexibility to the user across Paid ins/outs, FM Deposits/Withdrawals, Markers issued/paid, check in/out and transfers. The system even includes paperless logs and can detail how much money to order for any day and the denominations from past history.


We supply all forms of gaming accessories spanning:

Pai Gow
Chip Trays & Security Boxes
Markers, Buttons & Marker Racks