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New Table Games

New Table Games


Genesis Gaming Solutions offers new and exciting table games for properties seeking innovative games to further engage customers

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Super 3 Card

Super Three Card (“STC”) is a new house-banked poker style game where players create a three card hand dealt from a multi-deck

The object of the game is to make a higher three card poker hand than the dealer. STC also includes an optional side bet called the
Big Hand Bonus (“BHB”).

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Show Pai combines baccarat scoring with Pai Gow-style play to create an exciting new gaming experience.

The game of Show Pai consists of two hands, the HIGH HAND is comprised of three cards and the LOW HAND is comprised of a
single card. The value of the hand is determined by the Baccarat value (tens and face cards are zero and Aces have a value of one),
with nine being the highest value and zero the lowest. The value of the LOW HAND must be equal to or lower than the HIGH HAND.
Some hands cannot be set and are called NO PAI. There is no commission paid on winning hands. There is a SHOW PAI BONUS

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Casino Battle is a fast paced, exciting war-style game using two cards, dealt from a six deck shoe. Battle high card to high card, or
tie the highs and go to the low (battle) cards.

Casino Battle has the addition of various Bonus Hands, including a Two Card Bonus and a Four Card Bonus.

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Flip Card is an exciting optional Blackjack wager that gives players the opportunity to win up to 500-to-1 when they get a Blackjack.

The twist in this game is that the amount paid is determined by the dealer’s up card. There is drama and suspense until the dealer “flips” over his card.